Read This! Congress Acts to Mark Passports of Sex Offenders

Families In Shock That Small Towns Repealed Sex Offender Laws

JUSTIN, Texas — Parents in this community southwest of Denton expressed outrage and disappointment Wednesday after learning that Justin is one of a growing number of small towns that have decided to repeal their sex offender ordinances to avoid a legal battle.

The City Council made the decision in December. There are more than 15 convicted sex offenders living within Justin city limits, according to the state’s online registry.

“We hadn’t heard a thing about it,” said Cody Barlow, a father of four.

Barlow lives on a busy neighborhood street not far from a school in town. Previously, sex offenders would have been prevented from living in that immediate area because it’s within 1,000 feet of a school and playground.

Source: WFAA 8 ABC